Pivot San Luis Valley

San Luis Valley Development Resources Group, San Luis Valley SBDC. and Colorado State University are partnering together to support the long-term stability of local businesses and organizations, due to the challenges faced by the COVID-19 outbreak. With changing customer habits and new health requirements, many businesses are needing to ‘pivot’ their business model to adapt to the changing times. In response, CSU’s College of Business will provide free resources to San Luis Valley business owners to learn how to ‘pivot’ their business and develop a long-term resiliency plan.  

“Everyone is going to get something different out of it. It is a program that hits a lot of different areas. It is really easy for us to get caught up in everything around us, and a chance to break out of that and meet people in the community that I never would have met is great. “


“I am so used to ‘experts’ telling business people you have to have this and do it this way. But our business is different and will not fit a one size fits all business model. The Pivot Program was designed for anyone! It was all about how are you approaching your decisions, your business, and your customers. I would absolutely take this class again!”

Stefanie O’Neill- Vern’s Toffee Fort Collins, CO