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Project Reservations and Status

Ongoing Projects

DEI Sales

  1. Minor Edits and Company on-boarding as needed.
  2. Landing page can be viewed at

Project Buckets

Graduate Programs 4/5
Reserved 100%
  1. DEI Series
  2. Winter Graduation Messages
  3. Spring Graduation Messages
  4. LinkedIn Video Introduction
  5. Accounting Hall of Fame
Undergraduate Programs 3/5
Reserved 60%
  1. Sonny Lubick Leadership Seminar video series
  2. Music Business Elective Video
  3. Top Student SP2021 Video Interviews
Research Profiles 3/5
Reserved 66%
  1. Tian Wang
  2. Sam Conroy
  3. Nate Nguyen
Miscellaneous 15/15
Reserved 100%
  1. Video Update, Nicole Olsen
  2. BBI 30 Minute Module, Penny Gill-Stuart
  3. Micheal and Iris Smith Student Video, Nick Lobejko
  4. MBA Welcome, Crisann Hanes
  5. COVID-19 Protocols with Beth Walker
  6. Susan Golicic, Chair Welcome
  7. Impact MBA Student Interview
  8. Winter Graduation Video Messages
  9. Larimer County Pivot Jumpstart
  10. GSSE Impact MBA Presentations
  11. Spring Graduation Junket with Faculty and Students
  12. MCR Presentation Video Updates (3 videos)
  13. Top Students Video Interviews
  14. Spring Graduation Video Messages
  15. Tribute to Margaret Parks

Productions In Progress

Professional Selling with John Weiss
Status 40%
  1. Video edits and module building are left to do.
Nate Nguyen
Status 20%
  1. Shot interview, now editing.
  2. Estimated delivery date, 4/2021
Sonny Lubick Leadership Seminar video series
Status 60%
  1. Bill and his student worker Bailey are recording a series fo Zoom interviews with alum.
  2. The second phase is to develop this content into a series of modules. Module production will start in May/June.
StoryVine Remote Recording Tool
Status 10%
  1. Launch with the company on 7/8.
  2. Rollout with a few test groups Sep/Oct 2021.
MBA Classroom Promos
Status 0%
  1. Planning phase.

Completed Project Catalog

Virtual Fall Graduation Messages

Catie Rohloff, Graduate Program Academic Advisor Travis Maynard, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs Leo Vijayasarathy, MCIS Leo Vijayasarathy, Computer Information Systems Lisa Kutcher, Accounting Masters

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Vidha Dixit, Impact MBA

Short Clip Impact MBA student Vidha Dixit describes the program and her business mission. Review the Raw Interview Below is the raw interview. You

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