Shared Teams

Shared Team Experiences and Team Effectiveness

Research Overview

Is a shared team experience valuable? A published research study examines this question in the context of surgical teams.

Instructor Profile

Dr. Travis Maynard, PhD
Professor and Chair of the Department of Management
Colorado State University

Dr. Maynard teaches team effectiveness and leadership classes at both the undergraduate and graduate (Denver Executive MBA and Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise MBA) levels at CSU where he has been nominated for a variety of teaching awards. Additionally, Travis has provided numerous talks to industry members on tactics they can employ to improve their team’s performance levels.


Read more about Travis Maynard at the Colorado State University College of Business website.

Shared Team Experiences and Team Effectiveness

View the complete published research article at the Academy of Management Journal website.

How do you measure team performance?

Dr. Maynard explains how leadership and team researchers approach measurement of team performance.

Application for Team Leaders

Dr. Maynard provides a few takeaways from the research that can apply to any type of team across industries and disciplines.