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Imagine that an oil production firm is extracting oil in West Texas, and sees a sudden decline of oil prices in the market that produces negative cash flows for its operations. Should the firm choose the option of aban- doning the unprofitable oil well or continuing the operations at a short-term loss? Is there any value of continuing production at negative net present values (NPVs) to keep the option open for a market come- back? This example illustrates the basic question investigated in this study: How to measure the value of managerial flexibility affected by extreme volatility in proposed or existing operations?

Expert taken from: Real Options in the Real Volatile World.

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Real Options in the Real Volatile World was published in the POM Journal. You can read the article here.


Motivated by the real-world challenges of real options evaluation faced by many companies when commodity prices exhibit dramatic volatility and project values can become negative, this study presents a framework for solving a multifactor real options problem by approximating the underlying stochastic process of project value with a generalized implied binomial tree.

Expert taken from: Real Options in the Real Volatile World.

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This article focused on the oil and gas industry. How can other industries apply the real options literature?

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