Accounting Tutoring Lab

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Hours of Operation

New COVID-19 hours of operation require an appointment.

The Accounting Tutoring Lab was created as a resource for students in the College of Business to succeed in basic accounting courses, regardless of their concentration in the program.

This was an initiative brought about to improve student success in the College of Business at Colorado State University. The lab is staffed by accounting students who are the best students from the accounting program, and are trained and have resources to help students with tutoring needs ACT 205 through ACT 350.

Beta Alpha Psi also helps host volunteer tutoring throughout the semester around mid-terms and finals to help students better prepare for their accounting exams. All students, regardless of concentration and major, are welcome to use this space for assistance.

Fundamentals of Accounting

Using the High-Low Method Falene Young talks about using the high-low method in accounting. She talks about everything from fixed costs to variable costs. This clip is from

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The Accounting Equation Falene Young talks about the accounting equation in this accounting tutoring lab. Assets=liabilities+Stockholder’s Equity is the basis for all accounting, meaning that the equation

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FIFO and LIFO Falene Young talks about FIFO and LIFO which are two types of inventory valuation methods. This clip is from the accounting tutoring lab.

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How to Dispose of an Asset Falene Young talks about how to dispose of an asset in this accounting tutoring lab clip. It starts with acquiring an asset, the asset

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Bank Reconciliation Falene Young talks about bank reconciliations in this accounting tutoring lab clip. The goal of a bank reconciliation is to figure out the cash

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Accruals and Deferrals Falene Young talks about accruals and deferrals which all the hallmark of accrual accounting. This is used a lot in financial accounting, from cash

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