Wendy Ursey

The Income Approach

Wendy Ursey talks about the income approach in Real Estate to value. The capitalization method is based on the idea that the income of the

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Yields and Returns, Value and Risk

https://vimeo.com/323264263 Instructor Usrey provides more time value of money concepts and discusses the relationship between net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR).

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Uneven Cash Flows

https://vimeo.com/326845044 In the Real Estate world, Instructor Ursey talks about uneven cash flows are discussed as investment decisions are made by comparing the future benefit

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Other Time Value of Money Concepts

https://vimeo.com/326868526 Instructor Usrey provides students with additional examples for solving problems relating to time value of money, such as credit card payments, return on investments,

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Annuities and Amortized Loans

https://vimeo.com/327608628 Instructor Usrey demonstrates to students how to calculate the present and future values of annuities. This clip is from REL 601, Fundamentals of Real

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