Falene Young

Using the High-Low Method

https://vimeo.com/356749771 Falene Young talks about using the high-low method in accounting. She talks about everything from fixed costs to variable costs. This clip is from

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The Accounting Equation

https://vimeo.com/356749706 Falene Young talks about the accounting equation in this accounting tutoring lab. Assets=liabilities+Stockholder’s Equity is the basis for all accounting, meaning that the equation

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https://vimeo.com/356749538 Falene Young talks about FIFO and LIFO which are two types of inventory valuation methods. This clip is from the accounting tutoring lab.

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How to Dispose of an Asset

https://vimeo.com/356749440 Falene Young talks about how to dispose of an asset in this accounting tutoring lab clip. It starts with acquiring an asset, the asset

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Bank Reconciliation

https://vimeo.com/356748977 Falene Young talks about bank reconciliations in this accounting tutoring lab clip. The goal of a bank reconciliation is to figure out the cash

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Accruals and Deferrals

https://vimeo.com/356748370 Falene Young talks about accruals and deferrals which all the hallmark of accrual accounting. This is used a lot in financial accounting, from cash

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