Can It! Package Quality, Getting your Product on Shelf & Recalls at Retail

Via a live, virtual Zoom event join an amazing panel to talk about making the transition to package, getting product to retail and managing the quality of the product once it’s out in the wild. Dr. Hoffman will lead the discussion among our guests, and this will be followed by Q&A and discussion. Grab your favorite beverage, log-on and let’s talk about packaging and managing the quality of the deliciousness within!

December 3, 2020 4:00p-6:00p

Zoom, Live Event

Douglas Hoffman, PhD

Hoffman is an accomplished scholar in the services marketing area. His current research and consulting activities are primarily in the areas of sales/service interface, customer service/satisfaction, service failure and recovery, and services marketing education.

Jameson Arnett

Arnett is the manager of brewery operations at Denver’s Station 26 Brewing, which also operates as a distributor. He is the founder of Brewing Yeast Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in quality improvement and quality assurance for breweries.

Floris Delée

Delée draws on his extensive experience in American and European craft brewing to lead Kathinka Engineering, a consultancy that provides process engineering solutions to the craft beer industry. He teaches at CSU’s Fermentation Science and Technology program.

Alexis Foreman

As cofounder of Wild Goose Filling, Foreman is an expert in the craft beer industry, beverage packaging, and mechanical design. He has more than 18 years of experience in the machine and mechanical-design industry,and holds five patents.

Highlighting: KATHINKA Labs with Floris Delée, Wild Goose Filling with Alexis Foreman, & Jameson Arnett with Station 26 Brewing & Two Six Craft District.

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